If your website image is a London cityscape, you know what to do.

Be different.

If you do the same as everyone else, you’re just joining the back of a very long, boring queue.

OMA can help you stand out with the following products and services:

Bids, Tenders, PSLs and Frameworks

Hands up who likes doing bids and tenders?! 


Guys? Guuu-uuuys! Guys…?

Basically, no one likes doing bids and tenders as they take ages, are super confusing and rarely win.

At OMA however, we absolutely bloomin’ love them.

That’s because nothing beats the feeling of a client contacting us to say their recent application to a blue-chip framework was successful, and now they’re being sent numerous leads on a daily basis.

Because of this drive, we’ve completed and submitted scores of tender documents for businesses at all levels in all sectors and functions, for a wide variety of clients across the public, private and third sectors.

Content Creation

Content is the fuel for every marketing plan – without it, you have nothing to say and no reason to contact people to remind them you exist.

Imagine your business’s marketing as a wheel – your website is in the middle, every spoke represents a marketing channel and your potential clients and customers are the tyre.

Content is what you create to live on the site, and send down each channel – whether it be social media, email marketing, PPC, SEO, PR and so on. There might be different objectives for it, whether generating new business, re-engaging old clients, cementing relationships with existing clients, outperforming competitors or attracting employees.

But whatever the flavour, one thing is for sure; exceptional care must be taken with whatever you create. For many, the content you create will be their first interaction with your business, and like the saying goes, you don’t get a second chance at a first impression.

OMA assists our clients with all forms of content creation, such as:

Articles | Blogs | Candidate Packs | Case Studies | Industry News | Internal News | Job Descriptions | Job Cards | Pitches | Press Releases | Proposals | PSLs | References | RFIs | RFPs | Surveys | Testimonials | Thought Leadership | White Papers

According to Leonardo di Caprio in Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece Inception, the most powerful tool in the world is an idea.


It’s also the theme for Honda’s strapline, and they know a thing or two about building a brand.

At Oxford Marketing Agency (OMA), we partner with our clients to understand their business objectives, before working back to formulate the thoughts and opinions their brand needs to generate in order to achieve those aims.

This is our definition of Creative; generating inter-dependent marketing channels to reinforce these ideas in a positive manner on a regular basis.

To find out how OMA can be the ideas man for your cunning plan – think Hannibal Smith in the original A-Team – please contact us below.

Email Newsletters

You’re about to send a newsletter to over 100,000 people. How’s your heart rate?

Thought so.

When it comes to newsletters, there’s simply no wiggle room. Because they’re crucial to brand awareness – reminding your whole database you exist in a nice gentle fashion on a regular basis – it’s equally crucial to make sure there’s not a blemish in sight.

At OMA, we’ve sent thousands of newsletters for all our clients combined, so we know the easy mistakes to make and we have a sure hand on the trigger finger as a direct result.

Before the send, we’ll work with you to create the content, host in on your site, link to it from the newsletter, agree the wording, upload the list from your database and schedule the send. After it, we’ll provide you with reports of all bounces, opens and clicks, so you know who to call. We’ll also advise the best time to send, what day of the week, what week of the month, and what month of the year.

Whatever your desired outcome, we’ll work with you to maximise the chances of success, and thanks to our extensive experience we’ll draw on our knowledge and expertise to carry the risk.

We only use third party email software systems, rather than in-house database marketing options. We’re super-users at them and they’re specifically designed for our use. We can also help segment, code and improve your database with our Database Management services.

Examples of newsletter content include:

  • Case Studies
  • Guest Blog
  • Interview Series
  • New Products
  • Product List
  • Product Spotlight
  • Special Offers
  • Video Introduction

To find out more about how OMA can create, collate, send and report your newsletters, please contact us via the contact box below.

PPC / Pay Per Click Advertising
OMA employ an experienced team that specialise in all things PPC, led by an Economics grad. In our view, the key to PPC is starting with a small budget in the early stages whilst the strategy is perfected – there are no right answers. Once click through-rates are maximised and the campaign starts to deliver leads, we can increase the budget to increase coverage across the following platforms:

Google AdWords

We monitor our clients’ Google AdWords campaigns on a daily basis, allowing us to analyse results in real-time and fine-tune the adverts accordingly. As we do this for numerous companies, we have a weekly call with Google Adwords as part of our account maintenance. In the call, each account is discussed and Google work with us to maximise performance.

Bing Ads

Underestimate Bing Ads at your peril! Lots of companies have high IT security, so can only use Microsoft Internet Explorer. Since Microsoft owns Bing, it’s the default search engine in IE, not Google. Bing Ads can be imported in seconds from Google Adwords campaigns – and cost about 10% of the price. In addition, Bing allows adverts to be displayed when someone searches in a certain area (radius marketing) and gives more information about a recruitment business than Google.

Facebook / Instagram

At certain levels of seniority OMA use Facebook radius marketing to attract clients. We target using a number of filters; from age and gender to favourite TV show and hobbies – even job title. We can also replicate the campaign on Instagram to reach a wider audience. As Instagram is owned by Facebook, the ads and targeting can run together, under the same budget / campaign.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
In days gone by, SEO meant hiring a comic-loving man-child called Keith who charged £1000 + VAT per month with very little explanation of his activities.

Not. Any. More.

SEO is so important because if a business gets it right, it can deliver more clients and customers than all other marketing channels combined.

This is because you can only: call one person at a time; email as many people as you have on your database; and get PR coverage to as many people in the publication’s distribution list. If your company website ranks highly on search engines for suitable keywords, the whole world can find you.

Like anything that offers significant reward, successful SEO takes time, investment and careful planning. OMA do not use traditional SEO techniques employed by traditional SEO agencies. In our experience, activities like non-genuine link building and domain repointing deliver short term gain but long term pain.

In nearly all cases, search engines like Google will eventually release an update beginning with P (Panda, Penguin, Pigeon) that punishes unscrupulous SEO and will relegate you from the top 10 pages, and all the work will be undone.

Instead, OMA believe in and only undertake genuine SEO; it takes longer but stays forever. Our SEO service ensures that the following steps are taken to maximise search engine ranking:

  • The website is structured properly in a way that Google can easily read
  • All possible security certificates are enabled (this has a dramatic effect)
  • All page, article and job URLs are optimised
  • All metadata is optimised
  • Regular, relevant content is created
  • As much traffic as possible is generated from social, newsletter and emails
  • As much interaction as possible is elicited from shares, comments, applications and registrations

Along with the rest of our marketing, we provide a comprehensive monthly report with rankings for each of c100 – 500 keywords and phrases and the vital statistics (such as web traffic) that contribute to each term’s position.

To find out how we can get you to the top of Google, please contact us below.

Strategy & Planning
Like all the best things, marketing is fundamentally simple. A successful strategy just needs to do a small number of things well and the rest will take care of itself. More often than not, these activities are also pretty much free.

Oxford Marketing Agency (OMA) offers a full, free review of your existing marketing strategy, and the creation of a targeted, tailored replacement. Despite there being dozens of conventional channels, we would also recommend that SMEs start with just a handful of activities – usually around five.

Our plans don’t take longer to write than deliver, and nor do we quote marketing theory from the 1970s. We only recommend relevant, rewarding activities that are easy to manage and measure. So if we talk about the seven p’s or above the line, please put us out of our misery.

The sorts of things we offer include:

  • Brochures
  • Content Creation
  • Database Management
  • Direct Marketing / Newsletters
  • Events
  • SEO & Adwords
  • Social Media
  • Thought Leadership
  • Website Management

We believe that every channel you have is inextricably linked, so if you have it, use it – because just one weak link brings the whole team down.

For example, one activity where a lot of strategies fall down is social media. Apply this rule to your own organisation: does every work-related social media channel you (and your employees) have say the same thing, and are they updated with the same content from your website at the same time?

Website Development
OMA only builds websites for small businesses like yours.


Because we’ve built so many small business websites, you won’t be paying us to learn on the job – just right first time, every time.

We build sites to suit all pockets, with all levels of functionality and integration, tailored to your needs.

We also believe whole-heartedly in simplicity and having an easy life so we build websites that are easy to navigate and use. OMA trains you to upload what you can and does the heavy lifting and tricky stuff.

No jargon, no technical talk, just honest, straight forward web advice.

Website Management

Oxford Marketing Agency offers the full mix of website management services, from full management of all back-end activities (!) to a role confined to heavy lifting requiring a frighteningly young IT whizz.

In between, we can handle the majority of activities and train one or two people in your organisation to become a super-user at the easier, day-to-day stuff, who can then take on the responsibility and educate others.

Examples of lighter lifting include:

  • Uploading blogs / news
  • Adding new team members
  • Creating new users
  • Editing images
  • Uploading PDFs and documents

Examples of heavy lifting include:

  • Automation to social media
  • Database integration
  • Website migration to new CMS
  • New website
  • Hosting

Whatever your requirements, we’ll let you know what’s best for you to keep doing whilst we’ll only take on the more complicated stuff. We don’t believe in confusing you with website techno-babble, so you can rest assured that you’ll always get a clear picture and a straight answer.

Brand & Logo Design
At OMA, one golden rule we swear by is that if we don’t do it ourselves, we’ll point you in the direction of someone that does.

As our clients only need a rebrand / logo redesign once in a blue moon, this is something we don’t do in-house.

Instead we use the lovely Raquel Fernandes of The Mighty Fox, who has created logos and brand guidelines for over a dozen of our clients since we began working together. In fact, she feels so much like one of the OMA team you can find her on our website and on our LinkedIn company page.

Examples of this and her wider work with MMA include:

  • Hemming Robeson
  • Hensen Associates
  • Hybrid Search
  • Maven Partners
  • Princedale Partners
  • Rekroota

If you like a mood board and remember what Pinterest is, Raq’s your girl.

Take control of conjugated verbs and subjunctive clauses with OMA.

Ensure there are no hidden gremlins with our copywriting, content writing, spellchecking and proofreading services.

No one likes a bore, worse still a pedant. But whether we like it or not, some people place great emphasis on spelling and grammar in business communication – and some might say rightly so.

Their reasoning is simple; if you don’t apply attention to detail to the words you are using to speak to me, how can I trust you to pay attention to detail with the huge piece of business I’m thinking of putting your way.

Worth making sure that apostrophe is in the right place then.

MMA offers a full range of copywriting services, from spell-checking, proofreading and transcribing to copy and content writing. Better still, we know how to write in “business-speak”.

This is because we’re founded by an english literature graduate who went on to become a business owner, running his own catering company employing 30 people for eight years in his 20s – before he turned to the dark side and went into marketing in the years after.

This empathy – from having been on the receiving end of B2B marketing communications – is permeated throughout MMA and instilled in all our employees. So we won’t just tell you the difference between it’s and its, we’ll proactively advise you on different words to use to increase your chances of success.

Direct Email Marketing
Oxford Marketing Agency specialises in direct email marketing and our full list of available options includes:

  • Brochure Link
  • Candidate Case Study
  • Company Case Study
  • Company / Employee Introduction
  • Compliance Update
  • Recent Placements
  • Regular Newsletter
  • Postal Letter

Before the send, we’ll work with you to create the content, host in on your site, link to it from the email, agree the wording, upload the list from your database and schedule the send. After it, we’ll provide you with reports of all bounces, opens and clicks, so you know who to call. We’ll also advise the best time to send, what day of the week, what week of the month, and what month of the year.

Whatever your desired outcome, we’ll work with you to maximise the chances of success, and thanks to our extensive experience we’ll draw on our knowledge and expertise to carry the risk. For example, did you know that if you send bulk emails through your database it can take down your website?

That’s why we only use third party email software systems, rather than in-house database marketing options. We’re super-users at them and they’re specifically designed for B2B use. We can also help segment, code and improve your database with our Database Management services.

Graphic Design
A bit like Jeff Bridges in Iron Man, collateral is key to a fully functioning recruitment marketing department.

Whether it be a company brochure, candidate pack, pitch document, one pager, case study template or something further afield, all of the MMA team are on hand to create something wonderful from any of the list of graphic design software below, before finally turning it into a shiny PDF:

Adobe Creative Cloud | Adobe CS6 | Adobe InDesign | Adobe Photoshop | Canva | Microsoft Powerpoint | Prezzi

We’ve created more collateral than we can remember for dozens of our clients – and we copywrite them too.

Public Relations (PR)
The way in which people consume media has changed, and good PR has changed with it. The days of PR people with a black book of diaries full of journalists whom they need to wine and dine are coming to end, and just like the very media it represents, the whole process is far more digital nowadays.

Furthermore, PR isn’t just about getting your name in the media any more. A genuine link from a national news website is seen as the mecca of SEO, and can dramatically improve your SEO performance for a given keyword. So even if you’re not noticed in the actual article, there’s a chance that long term it could deliver far more through SEO.

There are several methods MMA employ for PR, and each relies on the content we create. Once we have it, we need to create an agreed list of target publications – anything from sector specific websites and vertical magazines to both local and national press. We would then:

  • Obtain the content calendars for each publication and reverse engineer content each month.
  • Approach journalists direct before writing articles to see what they want. If they feel part of the process, they are more likely to cover it.
  • Use PR software such as Response Source to get journalist requests direct (this carries a small cost).

Every month we would report coverage, and demonstrate ROI by comparing to advertising cost for the same space. As some clients might already advertise with some of these publications, they are more likely to carry our content, and people are more likely to read it at the front!

OMA possess a track record of significant success for several major clients – gaining major press coverage which in turn generated several meetings with FTSE 100 companies.

Social Media Management
Daily updates to all social media channels are crucial for website traffic, Google ranking and brand building.

OMA post daily to the following platforms for our clients:

  • Facebook
  • Google + (seriously, no one use this – a bit like One 2 No-one)
  • Google My Business (GmB)
  • Instagram
  • Linkedin
  • Snapchat (seriously, everyone under the age of 30 uses this)
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

By posting twice daily (morning and afternoon) and only linking back to original articles on a client’s website, our analysis shows can increase website traffic by as much as 300%. This in turn has a dramatic effect on SEO / Google ranking.

We also create a pre-agreed suite of multi-coloured/themed cards for updates, so that all activity looks both fresh and diverse, information is clearly advertised and potential customers are encouraged to click.

We also @mention all relevant people or organisations so that tagged parties can like the update and spread it to their network.

Video Filming & Editing
Way back when when the earth was flat and Michael Jackson was black, you’d get cold called by a nice young man called Lee from a video agency in Croydon offering to send the crew in to do a day’s filming for your corporate video.

If your interest was piqued, you’d ask the price. And this would precipitate the end of the call, as the reply would be a mere £10,000. Once you’d stopped laughing, you’d thank Lee for his call and get on with the important task of choosing Steve Guppy in your Fantasy Football team.

Thankfully, things have changed.

The latest 4K cameras have arrived and are available for figures in the low thousands. Lapel mics are cheap to buy and can be recorded onto smartphones, then uploaded straight into the cloud (aka Dropbox). Video editing software is readily available in the wonderful (but expensive) Adobe Creative Cloud and even your next door neighbour’s nan has had a dabble with her GoPro footage.

In short, it’s about to go shooty shooty gun gun, and there’s never been a better, easier, cheaper time to start engaging your audience and be seen to be moving with the times.

If that weren’t enough, video is also crucial to several other channels. Because Google owns YouTube, companies which feature lots of video content on their YouTube channels and websites achieve significantly higher SEO rankings.

It’s great for other social media, with platforms like Facebook and Instagram lending themselves perfectly to the format. Some such as Linkedin even go as far as bumping video updates to the top of the news feeds.

Certain types of website content lend themselves better to video – such as an MD talking through the ‘About Us’ page of a website, or a team member talking through their background, skills and experience.

Video introductions to newsletters are also increasingly popular, and if BD is your thing they’re great for generating meetings along wth client video testimonials.

OMA shoot dozens of videos each month for our clients. As well as filming and recording audio, we also have a full editing suite in-house.

Website Hosting
OMA host dozens of clients’ websites with Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS is part of the famous Amazon we all know and “love” and are one of the industry leaders in web hosting – partly because AWS has been around since 2002.

Hosting a site with AWS is technically difficult but as a result is super secure. Accordingly, many of the world’s biggest companies host their websites with them, such as:

AirBnb | Aol | BMW | BP | Channel 4 | Coca Cola | Dropbox | DVLA | Financial Times | Guardian | General Electric | Goldman Sachs | Harvard Medical School Just Giving | Kelloggs | Met Office | The Ministry of Justice | NASA | Netflix | Nintendo Qantas | Sage | SAP | Sony | Spotify | Tata | Trainline | Unilever | Vodafone

Our web developers have done the process many times so are adept at doing it. Lots of our hosting clients came to us because they got hacked through high-street hosters such as GoDaddy, 123reg, Wix, 121 etc. Hosting with AWS therefore means that you won’t come into work one morning to see that your website has transformed into an Asian handbag outlet overnight (this actually happened to one client). With GDPR round the corner, this is more pertinent than ever.

However, AWS is not cheap. Luckily, OMA host at cost for retained clients because we would rather generate revenue by generating our clients revenue, not by charging inflated prices for relatively simple services. So whatever Amazon charge us, we’ll invoice you exactly the same.