The remora fish of digital marketing.
Yes Morty.

About Oxford Marketing Agency (OMA)

Oxford Marketing Agency (OMA) was founded in January 2018 in response to the plethora of generic digital marketing agencies who over-charge and under-deliver. 
We don’t believe in using complicated marketing jargon or billing you for plans that take longer to write than implement. We do believe in being different, trying new things, learning from different sectors and being inspired by both art and science.
We’re the kind of firm that rounds down, not up. Companies that work with us can sleep easy at night knowing that a two-minute job won’t turn up on their monthly invoice. We’re in this for the long haul – but more importantly, we strongly believe in doing the right thing. That means we’ll always tell you what’s in your best interest rather than ours, which may mean hiring an FTE in future and using us less. You might find that surprising, but we like to sleep easy at night too. 
Our overheads are low which means our prices are competitive and fair. Every penny you spend goes on creating unique and creative marketing campaigns, not expensive London offices, ostentatious suits or client entertaining.
OMA currently employs ten staff and the plan is to continue to grow our team in the coming years, with a dedicated specialist in each area. We were founded by Thomas Bridge; a former Marketing & Operations Director with over twenty years marketing experience.

Holistic Strategy

A fully-functioning marketing strategy is like a football team; there are both defensive and offensive activities. At OMA we believe that you should always sort your defence before you go on the attack - it might take longer to click but there'll be a greater reward in the long run.

Website Management

Paying over the odds for your website to be maintained and updated with content? You're not alone. OMA trains you to upload what you can and does the heavy lifting on the tricky stuff. No jargon, no technical talk, just honest, straightforward advice.


Direct Marketing

Want to showcase your best products or service to your target clients, but not sure how? OMA specialise in creating tailored case studies and direct email marketing powered by comprehensive database segmentation - maximising your chances of success.

What our clients say

“BluZinc have worked constantly with OMA since April 2016, firstly defining our overall strategy and now implementing some of the tactics. They haven't tried to oversell - the focus has been on doing a small number of activities very well, keeping costs down whilst maximising results.”

Jonathan Pearson

Chief Executive Officer, BluZinc

“Hensen Associates use OMA on a very regular basis. Their turnaround times are quick, their work is of the highest standards in the industry and their prices are more than fair. Using OMA means we have access to the full suite of marketing products and personnel, without the high overheads.”

Jordan Mori

Founder, Hensen Associates

“We were delighted to get OMA on board to help run our email marketing campaigns. OMA know how to get results, thanks to a systematic data-driven approach. They bring a refreshing and empathic perspective to marketing research. We've learned a great deal from OMA and we're looking forward to our next gig with them.”

Matthew Cleevely

Chief Executive, 10to8