Still single? Correct grammar makes you more attractive, research shows

Want to get that smokin’ beach body ready for summer but have left it too late this year? Fear not! Research has more or less proven you can up your hotness stakes by simply improving your grammar, and the best part is you don’t even have to touch a gym, 12 week program, or kale salad with a 10-foot meatball marinara sub.

2000 singles living in the US were surveyed by dating site Plenty of Fish, and results showed it wasn’t just the usual ‘they’re/their/there’ ‘you’re/your’ mistakes that landed potential suitors in the dating bin, but also even incorrect comma placement. 58% of users stated these kind of errors, along with incorrect spelling, was a turn off.*

In other exciting news for grammarphiles seeking love, a new dating app named ‘The Grade’ has been launched where singles have to be wary of their language quality. Much like the name suggests, the app publicly scores profiles with a school-like grade from A+ down to F based on three categories: popularity; responsiveness; and message quality. The latter takes into account correct spelling, the amount of slang used, and inappropriate words. When a user is graded too low, that person is ‘expelled’.

If I weren’t married, I’d say sign me up!


Yes there may well be plenty of fish in the sea, but how many of those fish can punctuate, conjugate, or even spell at a Key Stage 4 level?! Plus also not be a sociopath, narcissist, bedwetter, or Justin Beiber fan.

And you wonder why you’re still single…

*Considerations for dyslexic participants were not reported, but were hopefully included.