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Grammar Corner: Find Your Perfect Partner!

Still single? Correct grammar makes you more attractive, research shows   Want to get that smokin’ beach body ready for summer but have left it too late this year? Fear not! Research has more or less proven you can up your hotness stakes by simply improving your...

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Grammar Corner: Never Have I Ever

The tense behind the nation’s favourite drinking game.   If you attended university as a young and naive undergrad, eager to impress fellow students having committed the next three years of your life to an exciting sounding course called  “Communication Studies”,...

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Facebook PPC Advertising: The Keys To Success

Stay ahead of competitors by keeping up to date with the latest advertising trends and evolving pathways to customer engagement. Untilrecent events(after this article was written), Facebook was the leader of social networking sites. The social platform continues to...

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How to Get Your Business to Page 1 on Google

  It’s the mecca to which we all aspire: client googles a search term, your site comes up on page 1, they visit the site, call the number and hey presto: a big juicy business opportunity falls out of the sky! I speak from experience. I once made some quite...

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