Brand & Logo Design

At OMA, one golden rule we swear by is that if we don’t do it ourselves, we’ll point you in the direction of someone that does.

As our clients only need a rebrand / logo redesign once in a blue moon, this is something we don’t do in-house.

Instead we use the lovely Raquel Fernandes of The Mighty Fox, who has created logos and brand guidelines for over a dozen of our clients since we began working together. In fact, she feels so much like one of the OMA team you can find her on our website and on our LinkedIn company page.

Examples of this and her wider work with MMA include:

  • Hemming Robeson
  • Hensen Associates
  • Hybrid Search
  • Maven Partners
  • Princedale Partners
  • Rekroota

If you like a mood board and remember what Pinterest is, Raq’s your girl.