Email Newsletters

You’re about to send a newsletter to over 100,000 people. How’s your heart rate?

Thought so.

When it comes to newsletters, there’s simply no wiggle room. Because they’re crucial to brand awareness – reminding your whole database you exist in a nice gentle fashion on a regular basis – it’s equally crucial to make sure there’s not a blemish in sight.

At OMA, we’ve sent thousands of newsletters for all our clients combined, so we know the easy mistakes to make and we have a sure hand on the trigger finger as a direct result.

Before the send, we’ll work with you to create the content, host in on your site, link to it from the newsletter, agree the wording, upload the list from your database and schedule the send. After it, we’ll provide you with reports of all bounces, opens and clicks, so you know who to call. We’ll also advise the best time to send, what day of the week, what week of the month, and what month of the year.

Whatever your desired outcome, we’ll work with you to maximise the chances of success, and thanks to our extensive experience we’ll draw on our knowledge and expertise to carry the risk.

We only use third party email software systems, rather than in-house database marketing options. We’re super-users at them and they’re specifically designed for our use. We can also help segment, code and improve your database with our Database Management services.

Examples of newsletter content include:

  • Case Studies
  • Guest Blog
  • Interview Series
  • New Products
  • Product List
  • Product Spotlight
  • Special Offers
  • Video Introduction

To find out more about how OMA can create, collate, send and report your newsletters, please contact us via the contact box below.