Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

OMA employ an experienced team that specialise in all things PPC, led by an Economics grad.

In our view, the key to PPC is starting with a small budget in the early stages whilst the strategy is perfected – there are no right answers. Once click through-rates are maximised and the campaign starts to deliver leads, we can increase the budget to increase coverage across the following platforms:

Google AdWords

We monitor our clients’ Google AdWords campaigns on a daily basis, allowing us to analyse results in real-time and fine-tune the adverts accordingly. As we do this for numerous companies, we have a weekly call with Google Adwords as part of our account maintenance. In the call, each account is discussed and Google work with us to maximise performance.

Bing Ads

Underestimate Bing Ads at your peril! Lots of companies have high IT security, so can only use Microsoft Internet Explorer. Since Microsoft owns Bing, it’s the default search engine in IE, not Google. Bing Ads can be imported in seconds from Google Adwords campaigns – and cost about 10% of the price. In addition, Bing allows adverts to be displayed when someone searches in a certain area (radius marketing) and gives more information about a recruitment business than Google.

Facebook / Instagram

At certain levels of seniority OMA use Facebook radius marketing to attract clients. We target using a number of filters; from age and gender to favourite TV show and hobbies – even job title. We can also replicate the campaign on Instagram to reach a wider audience. As Instagram is owned by Facebook, the ads and targeting can run together, under the same budget / campaign.