Public Relations (PR)

The way in which people consume media has changed, and good PR has changed with it.


The days of PR people with a black book of diaries full of journalists whom they need to wine and dine are coming to end, and just like the very media it represents, the whole process is far more digital nowadays.

Furthermore, PR isn’t just about getting your name in the media any more. A genuine link from a national news website is seen as the mecca of SEO, and can dramatically improve your SEO performance for a given keyword. So even if you’re not noticed in the actual article, there’s a chance that long term it could deliver far more through SEO.

There are several methods OMA employ for PR, and each relies on the content we create. Once we have it, we need to create an agreed list of target publications – anything from sector specific websites and vertical magazines to both local and national press. We would then:

  • Obtain the content calendars for each publication and reverse engineer content each month.
  • Approach journalists direct before writing articles to see what they want. If they feel part of the process, they are more likely to cover it.
  • Use PR software such as Response Source to get journalist requests direct (this carries a small cost).

Every month we would report coverage, and demonstrate ROI by comparing to advertising cost for the same space. As some clients might already advertise with some of these publications, they are more likely to carry our content, and people are more likely to read it at the front!

OMA possess a track record of significant success for several major clients – gaining major press coverage which in turn generated several meetings with FTSE 100 companies.