Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

In days gone by, SEO meant hiring a comic-loving man-child called Keith who charged £1000 + VAT per month with very little explanation of his activities.

Not. Any. More.

SEO is so important because if a business gets it right, it can deliver more clients and customers than all other marketing channels combined.

This is because you can only: call one person at a time; email as many people as you have on your database; and get PR coverage to as many people in the publication’s distribution list. If your company website ranks highly on search engines for suitable keywords, the whole world can find you.

Like anything that offers significant reward, successful SEO takes time, investment and careful planning. OMA do not use traditional SEO techniques employed by traditional SEO agencies. In our experience, activities like non-genuine link building and domain repointing deliver short term gain but long term pain.

In nearly all cases, search engines like Google will eventually release an update beginning with P (Panda, Penguin, Pigeon) that punishes unscrupulous SEO and will relegate you from the top 10 pages, and all the work will be undone.

Instead, OMA believe in and only undertake genuine SEO; it takes longer but stays forever. Our SEO service ensures that the following steps are taken to maximise search engine ranking:

  • The website is structured properly in a way that Google can easily read
  • All possible security certificates are enabled (this has a dramatic effect)
  • All page, article and job URLs are optimised
  • All metadata is optimised
  • Regular, relevant content is created
  • As much traffic as possible is generated from social, newsletter and emails
  • As much interaction as possible is elicited from shares, comments, applications and registrations

Along with the rest of our marketing, we provide a comprehensive monthly report with rankings for each of c100 – 500 keywords and phrases and the vital statistics (such as web traffic) that contribute to each term’s position.

To find out how we can get you to the top of Google, please contact us below.