Social Media Management

Daily updates to all social media channels are crucial for website traffic, Google ranking and brand building.

OMA post daily to the following platforms for our clients:

  • Facebook
  • Google + (seriously, no one use this – a bit like One 2 No-one)
  • Google My Business (GmB)
  • Instagram
  • Linkedin
  • Snapchat (seriously, everyone under the age of 30 uses this)
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

By posting twice daily (morning and afternoon) and only linking back to original articles on a client’s website, our analysis shows can increase website traffic by as much as 300%. This in turn has a dramatic effect on SEO / Google ranking.

We also create a pre-agreed suite of multi-coloured/themed cards for updates, so that all activity looks both fresh and diverse, information is clearly advertised and potential customers are encouraged to click.

We also @mention all relevant people or organisations so that tagged parties can like the update and spread it to their network.