Strategy & Planning

Like all the best things, marketing is fundamentally simple.


A successful strategy just needs to do a small number of things well and the rest will take care of itself. More often than not, these activities are also pretty much free.

Oxford Marketing Agency (OMA) offers a full, free review of your existing marketing strategy, and the creation of a targeted, tailored replacement. Despite there being dozens of conventional channels, we would also recommend that SMEs start with just a handful of activities โ€“ usually around five.

Our plans donโ€™t take longer to write than deliver, and nor do we quote marketing theory from the 1970s. We only recommend relevant, rewarding activities that are easy to manage and measure. So if we talk about the seven pโ€™s or above the line, please put us out of our misery.

The sorts of things we offer include:

  • Brochures
  • Content Creation
  • Database Management
  • Direct Marketing / Newsletters
  • Events
  • SEO & Adwords
  • Social Media
  • Thought Leadership
  • Website Management

We believe that every channel you have is inextricably linked, so if you have it, use it โ€“ because just one weak link brings the whole team down.

For example, one activity where a lot of strategies fall down is social media. Apply this rule to your own organisation: does every work-related social media channel you (and your employees) have say the same thing, and are they updated with the same content from your website at the same time?