Video Filming & Editing

Way back when when the earth was flat and Michael Jackson was black, you’d get cold called by a nice young man called Lee from a video agency in Croydon offering to send the crew in to do a day’s filming for your corporate video.

If your interest was piqued, you’d ask the price. And this would precipitate the end of the call, as the reply would be a mere £10,000. Once you’d stopped laughing, you’d thank Lee for his call and get on with the important task of choosing Steve Guppy in your Fantasy Football team.

Thankfully, things have changed.

The latest 4K cameras have arrived and are available for figures in the low thousands. Lapel mics are cheap to buy and can be recorded onto smartphones, then uploaded straight into the cloud (aka Dropbox). Video editing software is readily available in the wonderful (but expensive) Adobe Creative Cloud and even your next door neighbour’s nan has had a dabble with her GoPro footage.

In short, it’s about to go shooty shooty gun gun, and there’s never been a better, easier, cheaper time to start engaging your audience and be seen to be moving with the times.

If that weren’t enough, video is also crucial to several other channels. Because Google owns YouTube, companies which feature lots of video content on their YouTube channels and websites achieve significantly higher SEO rankings.

It’s great for other social media, with platforms like Facebook and Instagram lending themselves perfectly to the format. Some such as Linkedin even go as far as bumping video updates to the top of the news feeds.

Certain types of website content lend themselves better to video – such as an MD talking through the ‘About Us’ page of a website, or a team member talking through their background, skills and experience.

Video introductions to newsletters are also increasingly popular, and if BD is your thing they’re great for generating meetings along wth client video testimonials.

OMA shoot dozens of videos each month for our clients. As well as filming and recording audio, we also have a full editing suite in-house.