Website Hosting

OMA host dozens of clients’ websites with Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS is part of the famous Amazon we all know and “love” and are one of the industry leaders in web hosting – partly because AWS has been around since 2002.

Hosting a site with AWS is technically difficult but as a result is super secure. Accordingly, many of the world’s biggest companies host their websites with them, such as:

AirBnb | Aol | BMW | BP | Channel 4 | Coca Cola | Dropbox | DVLA | Financial Times | Guardian | General Electric
Goldman Sachs | Harvard Medical School Just Giving | Kelloggs | Met Office | The Ministry of Justice | NASA
Netflix | Nintendo Qantas | Sage | SAP | Sony | Spotify | Tata | Trainline | Unilever | Vodafone

Our web developers have done the process many times so are adept at doing it. Lots of our hosting clients came to us because they got hacked through high-street hosters such as GoDaddy, 123reg, Wix, 121 etc. Hosting with AWS therefore means that you won’t come into work one morning to see that your website has transformed into an Asian handbag outlet overnight (this actually happened to one client). With GDPR round the corner, this is more pertinent than ever.

However, AWS is not cheap. Luckily, OMA host at cost for retained clients because we would rather generate revenue by generating our clients revenue, not by charging inflated prices for relatively simple services. So whatever Amazon charge us, we’ll invoice you exactly the same.